Bovy Loses Shootboxing Bout to Former Boxer Suzuki.

He’s known as a titanium-jawed Muay Thai warrior.

Bovy Sor Udomson is a fighter with nearly 90 professional wins, but the former Rajadamnern champion and recent Shootboxing defector just dropped a bout at the Korakuen Hall to a former boxer with a 7-9 professional MT/kickboxing record.

We all love Bovy; his is an aggressive style, an iron chinned Terminator-esque “take-one-to-give-one” rugged fighter. But has his career longevity already been cut badly short due to the damage he has taken?

The talent and bundle of toughness that was Bovy Sor Udomson should not be losing fights – be it Muay Thai, K-1 rules or Shootboxing – to former boxers with losing professional MT/kickboxing records. It shouldn’t happen.

Let’s hope Bovy can bounce back well.