Lumpinee Stadium 2/3/12: Sam-A vs. Petchpanomrung

One week before the fifth (at least) Saenchai/Sagetdao scrap, Bangkok fight fans are treated to another great Saturday card at the Lumpinee headlined by the super-bantamweight champion Sam-A (formerly Sam-A Thor.Ratonakiat), who takes on Petchpanomrung (also called Phetpanomrong), the #1 ranked 122lbs fighter at the weight.

Sam-A is the 2011 Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year. A draw with fellow stadium star Kongsak apart, his 9-fight record for the year was perfect. He defended his Lumpinee title – earned at a second weight, having been multiple time super-flyweight champion of the stadium prior – and half his wins were over top 10 competition as according to MuayThai2000’s posted Lumpinee rankings, including Tong Puideenaidee, and (fans of Little Britain, try not to laugh) Tingtong (this one known as Siangsawangphanpla, and for being an elite thai-boxer, not being a fat stereotype). His life will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary that will apparently be released to an international audience in the coming year. He is exceptionally good.

Petchpanomrung, on the other hand, is using Kiatmuu9 as his handle, being part of the team now. He eased into his moniker-cum-name by kicking common opponent Thong in the head, sending him crashing to the canvas and sending a clear message of warning to the rest of the division. It cemented his place at the top, and got the youngster fast-tracked to a shot against the big man with the big belt. We shall see if he lives up to it on March 2nd.

For now, enjoy his last fight as a taster of what he is about and what he can do. Tong was – and is – an elite opponent at the top.

(Petchpanomrung Kiatmuu9 (pink shorts) vs. Tong)

And to those who haven’t seen Sam-A fight, here is a video to introduce you to the Lumpinee 2011 Fighter of the Year.

YouTube Preview Image

Should be a good one. If FSA cannot attend the event, the video will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.