Saenchai vs. Sagetdao 9/3/12: Full Fight Video, Lumpinee Lightweight Championship

What an amazing night.

SAENCHAI vs. SAGETDAO, from tonight; 9/3/12, for the Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight Championship.




A slice of Gonzo journalism; I left the Lumpinee Stadium over five hours ago, and in the meantime have occupied myself with the task of uploading the most painfully slow youtube videos in history. So if you’ll forgive me, I really must go out on Khao San Road now (4:30am) and salvage what little is left of the night, and the various temptation that have been on offer so tantalisingly literally metres away from the hotel lobby I’m sat in.

With that in mind, full fight card review, and video blog to come tomorrow; along with my 12hr bus ride back to Phuket. Worth every sweaty second, amigos.

Saenchai is king again.