Buakaw Speaks Out: “I wanted to retire, Por.Pramuk Control Me”

Buakaw has finally spoken out about his problems with gym Por.Pramuk.

The K-1 MAX legend and Lumpinee International Fighter of the Year speaks out in this shock interview, in which he candidly reveals that he wanted to retire in 2009, but Por.Pramuk would not allow him to. He also mentions wanting to go out and enjoy himself more, and that he has had many problems within the gym regarding training and other issues, but that the gym “make problems for him”, and strongarm him into training more and backing down regardless of the issue at hand.

It was insinuated throughout the interview that Buakaw had been threatened. At the very least, that he has been forced into acquiescence by Por.Pramuk for years upon years, the gym in which he lives in a room with three other men.

Any questions asked about money, it should be noted that Buakaw quietly avoided answering, instead telling us that he’s suffered recurring injuries. It has long been known that Por.Pramuk have taken the lions share of all Buakaw’s fight purses; the strongest rumour being that when he won 10 million yen for the K-1 World MAX, that he only received 20,000 of it and that the rest went directly to Por.Pramuk who ‘bought four houses’, among other subsequent expenditures.

It should be noted that while Buakaw avoids responding to questions about money, he has never denied that his gym take the lions share of his earnings.

Here is the shock interview.

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