So who is the next Buakaw ?

Don’t get me wrong – Buakaw is by no means ‘done and dusted’ the man is a human weapon and no one in there right mind would ever dispute that. He hasn’t shown signs of even slowing down. The more Buakaw the better !

But the question must remain…. which Thai is going to break onto the International scene next?

We have seen one man – Pajonsuk Super Pro Samui

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who graced our screens most notably in Its showtime events. With some losses to Andy Souwer and Gago Drago – the Pajonsuk name seems to have for some reason drifted out of the lime light…

All a bit harsh really – Souwer being on the greats and Drago having always held astonishing one punch knockout abilities.

In any case – with the recent bizarre on-going’s of Buakaw Por Pramuk and he’s defiance of long term manager/owner/promoter/gym – Por Pramuk…. it seems there may be a slight gap appearing for another Thai to step in to.

They often don’t want more than 1 Thai to have a shot – one Thai champion is enough i guess… the fear being if you let more in they may just take over the sport of (kickboxing) which seems only to close to the Thai national sport and way of life;  Muay Thai.

Now one man – Aikpracha Meenayothin – seems set to get his shot.

Having just won a Lumpinee title (in a vicious fashion)

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Aikpracha also just won his debut International fight against William Sriyapai in July of last year in the United States.

With Buakaw out of the fight with Pinca (arguably one of the best westerners in muay thai) – Aikpracha has stepped in for the opportunity to make his mark.


This fight may well bring us ‘The Next International Superstar’

Here’s another of Aikpracha’s fights just to give you a feel for him….

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