Muay Thai Clip Of The Week: Mission Unbreakable

For those who remember the years of watching Bovy Sor Udomson and his ability to absorb astonishing amounts of Kicks, Punches, Elbows and knees to his Metal like jaw…. well we have found a Nak Muay who may just surpass the Legendary Bovy.

The video below shows our boy Phetchartchay (in red) absorbing some of the cleanest and heaviest Punches, head kicks and elbows. The referee must have had a few thousand baht on Phetchartchay…. as i dont think anyone would argue this was a late stoppage.

None the less Phetchartchay smiles and storms forward showing complete carelessness and disregard for the impact being applied to his face.

Phetchartchay may not have won the fight, but he has definitely won the heart of Fight Sport Asia – and eared himself a Clip Of The Week showing.

( Feel free to watch the Full Fight – But for the true Iron Jaw moment forward to the 4:40 mark )

YouTube Preview Image