Fight Sport Asia’s very own: Fletcher Fights For Charity !

Wow… this came as a strike of lightning as is set to be an emotional and highly entertaining night.

Let me set the scene:

Daniel Fletcher a.k.a. Fletch (Gonzo journalist/Jmma Nut/MMA online Troll) and is now a tamed and focused MMA journalist for Fight Sport Asia.

Fletch has been known for a bit of controversy due to his self pleasure of trolling the somewhat anti-JMMA/Fedor fans.

When Fletcher first arrived in Thailand, he was coming of a Loooonng stint in Ibiza. Now lets keep in mind Ibiza is a place for 24 hour partying and consumption of substances some would possibly call ‘not entirely legal’.

Since being here about 1 month now – Fletcher has dedicated and focused himself for this very day – A charity Boxing match !

I can without a lie 100% guarantee Fletch has trained more than 8 full hours.

Fight Sport Asia and Daniel Fletcher have teamed up with one of Englands largest Non-Profit charity event – Sport Relief ( A Branch of the famous Comic Relief)

Donations can be made for this fantastic cause by visiting

Daniel Fletcher’s Sport Relief Profile

or on the night donations can placed in the buckets going around.

Every cent helps – please get behind a good cause!
There has always been 2 sides to Fletcher – One is the “PLUR” Fletcher (Peace Love Unity Respect)

But the other side of Fletcher – the violent side – this side of Fletcher some have claimed – comes from the deep inside his Belly…. the belly we at Fight Sport Asia refer to as “The Fedor Belly”

Which Fletcher will turn up to fight this saturday night for “Sport Relief 2012 – Charity‘ is a anyone’s guess!

The fight will take place as part of Phuket Top Team‘s night of Amateur fights.

Before we go here is a little look at what Fletcher has to offer !

YouTube Preview Image