The Top 5 List – All Things Asian MMA !

Nothing is more satisfying than being a part of something that is growing with such astonishing pace – like a virus spreading throughout asia as if it were off some 1990’s sci-fi / horror flick like ‘Outbreak

Not only is Asian MMA consuming the hearts and minds of more and more fans, but the growth has been almost all positive.
Opportunities have improved for students, fighters, fans, companies and related products. There really is no down side to the Asian MMA scene and its rapid growth!

Fight Sport Asia has decided to wrap up a Top 5 list for 5 key topics in the Asian MMA scene!

Now – please feel free to moan, groan, disagree and even comment to let us know how wrong we are… just keep in mind this top 5 list is only the argued over and voted on top 5’s from the combined minds of the Fight Sport Asia staff.

Over the coming weeks we will post our top 5 lists for the following headlines:

Top 5 MMA Fighters in Asia

Top 5 MMA Promotions in Asia

Top 5 Ideas For MMA in Asia

Top 5 Resons why to watch Asian MMA > American MMA

Today’s top 5 is:

Top 5 MMA Gym’s in Asia

Evolve MMA

Evolve has not only the available money but also the right people behind the money.
Based in Singapore (an economic hub for the south east Asian region) Evolve has some serious pull in the MMA community.

Evolve has some huge marketing, lots of videos, ample media publicity on MMA website’s such as and

A savvy marketing campaign, fantastic modern facilities, big money is nicely combined with a strong connection with One Fc. Evolve fighters have been mostly seen in One Fc and occasionally scrub up some skills at Dare Fc in Bangkok.

And a huge MMA fight roster

Evolve MMA Fighters include:

Brian Choi, Rafael dos Anjos, Alex Silva, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Mitch Chilson

Eddie Ng, Nicole Chua, Leandro Thomas Issa da Silva, Yodsanan Sityodtong, Zorobabel Moreira

Evolve Website

Evolve Youtube

Evolve Twitter

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Team Lakay

A gym based on it’s Wushu background – the strongest fighter gym in the MMA loving Philippines.

The Lakay team has a reputation for producing fighters – relentless and well rounded.

One thing Team Lakay does is Fight and fight regularly !

Much respect must be given for a gym with a squad of regularly competing fighters.

Team Lakay have a huge bunch of guys currently competing in URCC and of course One Fc.

Team Lakay MMA Fighters include:

Marquez Sangiao, Eduard Folayang, Kevin Belingon, Roy Docyogen, Mark Eddiva, Erwin Focad, Denver Labador, Honorio Banario, Gina Iniong, Geje Eustaquio, Crisanto Pitpitunge

Team Lakay Website

Team Lakay Facebook

Team Lakay Twitter

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Korean Top Team

Based in Soul – Korea and home to the UFC famous ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung.

A strong team with some great grappling and Judokas.

KTT has strong connections to the American MMA circuit and of course the Korean local scene. Would be nice to see some KTT fighters in One Fc.

Korean Top Team MMA Fighters include:

Chan Sung Jung “The Korean Zombie”, Dongi Yang, Young Nam Gu, Hyung Gyu Lim, Min Soo Kim

Korean Top Team Website

Korean Top Team Facebook

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Phuket Top Team

Possibly controversial just because phuket top team has been open less than a year. However, PTT has achieved alot in this space of time.

With 2 Brazilian Bjj black Belts, A Million Styles Boxing coach – Barry Robinson, Wrestling coach Andrew Leone and a team of Muay Thai trainers (9 in total)

The gym has a capped number of students which allows a strong fight team and a focused bunch of guys.

PTT has fighters in One Fc, Road Fc, Dare Fc, URCC and CFC in Australia.

Phuket Top Team MMA Fighters include:

Andrew Leone, Anthony Leone, Rodrigo Praxedes, Will Chope, Roger Huerta.

Phuket Top Team Website

Phuket Top Team Facebook

Phuket Top Team Twitter

Phuket Top Team Youtube

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Tiger Muay Thai

A gym Muay Thai and MMA gym based out of Thailand with huge marketing, large funding and due to this- is known world wide!

With a gym feat. some 5+ muay thai rings, mma area and weights gym – you can be sure TMT is one huge gym.

With marketing, money and a well established name – Tiger has the ability to always be in the mix – and offer up some great fighters.

TMT have lots of visiting fighters and also a team of fighters that compete for PXC, Dare, One Fc mostly.

Tiger Muay Thai MMA Fighters include:

Ray Elbe, JJ Ambrose, Wiktor Svensson, Yang Seung Ho

Tiger Muay Thai Website

Tiger Muay Thai Facebook

Tiger Muay Thai Twitter

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(special mentions to the following)

Epic MMA (New gym in Hong Kong)

China Top Team 

Muay Fit (Malaysia)

Tokyo Paraestra (Japan)