A Breakdown of Melvin Manhoef Vs Yoshiyuki Nakanishi @ One Fc


We here at Fight Sport Asia are a little surprised that this fight is no Main Event material.

No disrespect to the fights above this, but man this will 100% be an awesome fight to watch.

This is 2 guys with so much on the line, and both have proven themselves to be entertainers and capable of huge wins against the best.

Yoshiyuki Nakanishi

AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.8 CM)
WEIGHT: 194 LBS (88 KG)
STYLE: Sambo
WINS:  11    6 KO/TKO (55%)    2 SUBMISSIONS (18%)    3 DECISIONS (27%)
LOSSES:  2    1 KO/TKO (50%)   1 SUBMISSIONS (50%)    0 DECISIONS (0%)
TITLES: Current DEEP Light Heavyweight Champion

Melvin Manhoef

AGE: 35
HEIGHT 5’8″ (172.72 CM)
WEIGHT 194 LBS (88 KG)
WINS:   24      23 KO/TKO (96%)    0 SUBMISSIONS (0%)     1 DECISIONS (4%)
LOSSES:   9       3 KO/TKO (33%)     6 SUBMISSIONS (67%)    0 DECISIONS (0%)

This will be interesting – this is not a striker Vs Grappler situation

Nakanishi is known to bang, likes to slam and throw opponents, but is equally happy to work vicious ground and pound and some submissions.

Manhoef gives absolutely no illusions of wanting to go to the floor (unless he has mounted you and is throwing down earth shattering left and rights)

Manhoef is the more experienced fighter and this may help him, however he is also the far more emotional fighter… and will no doubt do as his emotions tell him.


Honestly this has the making to be the best fight One Fc has seen !

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