Rumors & Rumbles From One Fc !

Well One Fc (3rd event) went down this weekend – Great show and great vibe to the whole thing.

Rather than break down fights or run over the ins and outs of the show – Fight Sport Asia is going to hit the Rumbles and Rumors from the event….

With so much media coverage across the board from loads of websites, lets mix things up and give you something you may not have heard yet :)

Gossip / Rumors / Rumblings and what not:

M-1 Global’s Evgeni Kogan was in attendance – at Victor Cui’s (One Fc CEO & Owner) invitation. Seems we may see M-1 global and One Fc working together.

Evgeni Kogan / Victor Cui & Boyd Clarke @ One Fc

In the past people have said co-promoting with M-1 = A promotions Death.

Well Good news – Evgeni mentioned in a conversation that M-1 would like to ‘work with’ rather than ‘co-promote’ – So to all those who say M-1 is demanding & never willing to bend… well… guess what…. seems they are happy to negotiate and work well with promotions that they respect and appreciate (i.e. One Fc)

Evgeni was impressed with the event and really felt that he had 2/3 fighters currently in M-1 that would match up very well and provide huge entertainment value on a One Fc card.

Now… the name FEDOR EMELIANENKO was thrown around- Victor let us know he is a complete fan boy of Fedor and would love to have that as a possibility for the future. Evgeni was also open to this as an option. Obviously negotiations and business must be done before anything can move forward.

Above all – it seems that M-1 global and One Fc may be sharing fighters BOTH ways. We could see some killer Eastern European warriors on future One Fc cards and visa-versa – some Rising Asian talent, going over to M-1 global events.

This to me is fantastic news and very promising for One Fc and M-1 global’s future.

Rumor has it that Melvin Manhoef post fight was “happy to not get it called a loss” after his leg split like an axe wound from a horror movie.

The fight was actually initially stopped by Yuji Shimada (former pride referee) due to a gash across Nakanishi’s knee. Once they were cleaning up Nakanishi the crowd groaned as the camera’s zoomed in on Manhoef’s leg wound.

Manhoef may have been lucky Nakanishi also had a gash or the fight could have been called a loss to Manhoef.
Looks like we might get a re-match as this fight didn’t show us what we were hoping to see.

On a side note – when Nakanishi went to get his knee stitched the doctors also pointed out he had broken his nose on one of Melvin’s fists.

YouTube Preview Image

We could get 2 re-matches from the last One Fc card…. Manhoef Vs Nakinishi may get a look at a re-match.

A more likely re-match is the Ole Laursen Vs Eduard Folayang.

This fight was undoubtedly the fight of the night. A close battle with some superb striking shown.

Personally i had it Ole by split decision with a 20/30% chance of a Draw being called.

The crowd booed the decision (i think mostly because Folayang is a fan favorite)  and possibly also because they like the spinning kicks that made alot of people roar with excitement.

Ole said post fight “if One Fc want me to do this again, im cool with that”

Victor Cui also posted on his facebook asking fans if they would like to see this re-match… with 98% saying YES.

Ole very happy with the hard earned split decision win

Ok whatever you do…. do not quote me on this one….

While some of the above are legitimate rumblings – this is more a strong rumor.

Shinya Aoki will appear in a future One Fc event ….in…. OCTOBER !

Heard this out of the mouth of some people who sure as hell have the power to make this happen.
This will be epic stuff and really light up the Lightweight division of One Fc.

However we are not sure if this will be a one off loan fight from Dream – or a proper move to a string of fights for One Fc.

YouTube Preview Image

If…If Shinya Aoki was to have more than one fight for ONE Fc – and One Fc works at putting together an internal ranking system – and with that – the addition of championship titles. We would have to see some lightweights with the potential to really put the pressure on Aoki.

Few names i would be really excited to see fight Aoki at One Fc :

Jorge Masvidal 

Current One Fc lightweight Zorobel Moreira

Current One Fc featherweight that could step up – Tatsuya Kawajiri

Danny van Bergen – Mike’s Gym & One Fc fighter

Jadamba Narantungalag - currently at Legend Fc

Roger Huerta – Currently a free agent