LIVE updates from Bangkok: The WMC Grand Prix!

And here we go!

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The wifi puzzle took over ninety minutes to decipher. Finally online and good to go – the prelims are over, and ceremony is about to begin for the benefit of the Olympic committee present.

We are treated to a demonstration with drums, somersaults, and girls displaying Muay Thai on the stage. The Olympic committee look suitably impressed.

Singing now – soldiers on stage, giving reverence to sport, king and country. Nice hype for the tournament in fairness.

Wifi crashes again, for several minutes.

Singing now – soldiers on stage, giving reverence to sport, king and country. It’s a good buildup to the tournament, there is anticipation.

Shoutouts to General whatshisface, and Mr General Deputy-Prime Minister. Some hot air about the King’s trophy for the “ultimate champion” of tonight’s tournament. Ceremony. There’s a nice buzz in the air, Saiyok (it goes without saying) and Jordan seem to have the most vocal support.

An Uzebeki lady is singing “the official Muay Thai song”. If ever the sport deserved Olympic recognition eh?

Official song over – now on stage presenting the Uzbekistan singer with some flowers, three legends – one is whom is Yodsanklai Fairtex. See FSA’s Champion Profiles: Thailand here if you do not know who Yodsanklai Fairtex is.

Here they come – Colossa, Saiyok (to rapturous applause), Ilya, and finally Jordan (to applause from a vocal English contingent) are introduced on stage.

They perform Wai Kru together in the ring, then Ilya and Jordan leave together amicably. Colossa is left to face that monstrous beast alone.

Tournament format which Saiyok, Jordan and Colossa have all fought before; 3x2min rounds. It means no initial hesitance or “settling period”, no open betting and gambling here, strictly business – Saiyok throws lethal kicks from the getgo, Colossa triees to match them. Fast paced six minute bouts.

Saiyok comfortably takes round 2; lands hurtful liver kicks to Colossa’s body. The size difference is not as marked as I thought it would be.

Saiyok takes the fight after kicking into overdrive round 3.

Jordan vs. Ilya immediately follows – Ilya is a model and Jordan is a pretty boy too, so this is a good one for the gays out there.

wifi signal crashed again! Very dodgy. JORDAN WATSON beats Ilya Grad via dec, faces SAIYOK in the tournament final. Both looked comfortable

everything Saiyok threw was as vicious as ever, Jordan more calculating & technical in his fight with Ilya. Neither victor is too banged up

an amateur bout – obviously to show the Olympic committee what it will entail – is hosted, then a female fight. Saiyok/Jordan will be great

Saiyok is slightly flabbier than the others, but more comfortable at 72kg than I anticipated. The size difference vs. Colossa wasn’t huge

video playing with Jordan and others talking about what Muay Thai has done for them. WMC are doing a good job selling the sport to the OC


(Tweet) Saiyok wins WMC 72kg tournament – Jordan thinks he won and so do I. AWESOME job bro @jordanbadco you are the man

Saiyok landed some hurtful body shots + 1 elbow but Jordan outstruck him imo – I definitely gave him the second, third and fourth, 5th close

Saiyok & Jordan Watson = equals imo. Three even fights with Thai legends, this one 51/49 imo. Maybe I need to rewatch the fight… war Jord

After the decision, Jordan walks over to corner, looks at me and says “I thought I won that?” So it’s not just my bias coming into play here.

Full review to follow, with videos of Jordan Watson vs. Ilya Grad & Jordan Watson vs. Saiyok.