“RUFF Title Fights Will Be For 1 Million RMB…” On Top of Niké & Ducati Sponsorship

While still allowing for no-non-Chinese (or Hong Kong) residents to compete in their promotion, RUFF do have a limitless talent pool from a 1.3bn populace, not to mention sponsorship from Niké and Ducati – the latter of which amounts to being Audi sponsored, given that the Italian motorcycles company was just sold to them for £1bn.
So one can hope at least, that even if RUFF do not relax the restrictions on their visa policies, that they can develop and build in China at least and help develop that potentially fantastic – and lucrative – market, while being aware of a potentially huge international following and making their broadcasts readily available for foreign viewing.

And now, they have announced that their title fights across seven weight divisions will be for the price of one million RMB – the equivalent of just shy of £100,000, or $160,000.

Check http://ruffchina.com for more information.

Here is a video highlight of their first event, in Shanghai.


YouTube Preview Image