Phil Baroni: As Candid As Ever… “once Jon Jones carried Baroni’s bag in from his car”

The New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni!

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Here is Phil’s exclusive, and extremely candid and entertaining interview with FightSportAsia’s Fletch. In interview terms, it is certainly (and fittingly) one of ‘the best EVA’… enjoy.

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We go One On One with the NY Bad Ass…. and (guess what?!) Phil has plenty to say !

FSA: How did you become a Mixed Martial Artist in the first place?

I finished college wrestling and didnt accomplish the goals I had set. I was training boxing and kick boxing, had 17 fights in about a year and the UFC called. They needed a local guy to get smashed in NJ. I was on record as a kick boxer so they brought me in. They used to always have a local guy get smashed in the old days. They had no idea I was a wrestler and i smashed the busta’ they brought me in to get subbed by. It was my first MMA fight.

FSA: what are your fondest memories of your time in the UFC?

And have you ever been tempted to repeat your infamous ‘I’m the best eva, I’m the fuckin’ man’ spiel after a win?

Do your mates give you stick for modelling topless in jean shorts?

First im a fucking dude whats wrong with not wearing a shirt? I’m a guido from NY that’s what we wore back in the day. at the moment i was the best, i would have beaten anybody on that night. if i ever fight like that again and feel that way ill let everyone know fosho!

FSA: Is there anyone you would like to fight in One?
What do you think of Victor Cui?
How do you see the prospective fight with Ninja panning out?

I think ninja is a big fight. I think victor is a good guy and a good business man, fuck he signed me didn’t he?

The ninja fight makes sense in a lot of ways, it’s the fight Pride was afraid to put on. I think Victor has the balls to do it.

Ninja always brings Shogun to his fights; if that fight happens I’m bringing the Hammer and the Monster or maybe even Hinkle. The Hammer House will be in full force.

If they want to get serious after I KO Ninja we can all go at it ! Hammer house don’t lose street fights or in ring brawls . we wreck shop!

FSA: What to you are Ninja’s strengths and weaknesses as a fighter?

He is fucking tough, he has balls, is a vet and is well-rounded. Muay thai, jiu jits … he beat Hendo and Rampage in pride in my opinion, he is a gamer and will be well rested and dangerous. the fight is made for pride one fc rules, some ones getting soccer kicked.

Fuck that I’m not getting soccer kicked he is!

FSA: You came to train in Thailand to improve your all-around striking game. Tell us what your time in Phuket was like?
I need to come back and train more in Thailand especially if im fighting ninja. i have some work to do, thai boxing is a great style for mma. I need to improve at it. I love Thailand and Phuket. I love the culture everything about the place

FSA: Any good Patong anecdotes?

I’m married man, no fucking comment what happens on Bangla road stays on Bangla road… lets just say I was known as ‘jumbo nak su kow’

FSA: What do you think about Overeem being the latest in a long line of juiced pigs getting caught in MMA?

Do you (like me) not care about the steroid issue and simply want to see the best fighters compete, or is it getting silly at this point and fighters should clean up?

I want to see the best fighters, I want to see who is the strongest the best!

Guys should be able to do what ever it takes to be the strongest. Getting choked and kicked in the head is really bad for you, worse that pot , trt, or steroids. I don’t care who’s the cleanest, I wana’ see the strongest, the fastest and the most gnarly fighters.

I don’t want to see who is the best at passing drug test. Overeem isn’t the only guy taking shit, he just got caught. I wanna’ see the baddest mother fuckers going at it. That’s why pride was the best I wanna see a 205 (ripped) Wanderlei Silva kill dudes!

FSA: what will Phil Baroni do with his life post-retirement?

I just fucking told you!

I’m serious man. I wanna make some money have some fame for it kicking ass and making the greatest comeback of all time. I wanna be a champ and eat a lot of sushi.

Is there anyone you love watching in MMA right now?

I like watching Ole Larsen, the guys fun to watch. Ole fights with balls and heart… he brings it and isnt afraid to go for it! he is a G!

Frankie edgar is a tough little mother fucker with alot of heart from the east coast, ben henderson is smooth, Anderson when he is on, Hendo , Fedor.

I like the guys who go for it! 

What do you love most about life as Phil Baroni

Whats best about being phil baroni?

Everyone knows whether its a 300 lb Brock Lesner or gangster in NYC, Phil Baroni is nobody to fuck with, I have Respect!

People behind the scenes knew know my name, no one dares to break my balls, once Jon Jones carried Baroni’s bag in from his car to the arena, you know why?  RESPECT!

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