Rin Nakai Returns: Thunder Thighs & Pocket Size


MMA’s best thighs return this month (unless you’re gay or female, and have a bunch of old Ken Shamrock tapes) when pocket rocket and undefeated MMA starlet Rin Nakai returns to the ring on May 20, in Pancrase.

Nakai is not just a bonny little beauty from Matsuyama, Japan, she’s a damn fine fighter. A judo and catch-as-catch-can background means she has a plethora of great throws and a decent submission game, whilst being hard to take down and submit. Her greatest triumph to date was in winning the Valkyrie Open-Weight Grand Prix tournament – Wagner and Colonel von.Stauffenberg would be proud that her name comes up alongside theirs in google search, albeit much lower in the rankings.
She takes on Kyoko Kimura, who is also undefeated in MMA.

Also participating on the card will be Flyweight King of Pancrase Mitsuhisa Sunabe (15-7).

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One Comment on “Rin Nakai Returns: Thunder Thighs & Pocket Size”

  1. May 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    mmmmm i;d let her wrap me between those love muscles any day.

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