Patong Stadium on live TV? Another Chapter in the Bangla vs. Patong competition to be #1 in Phuket Muay Thai

Televised on Thai cable today. Phuket Muay Thai must be going up in the world!

Patong Stadium enjoy a healthy bit of competition with Patong Beach’s other Muay Thai stadium, Bangla, and both offer the most money to Thai fighters outside of Bangkok. The tourist town is guaranteed a decent payday for the promoters, and all that is left is bragging rights.

Bangla Stadium has none other than Jomhod fighting for them, and has had Saiyok in the past year also – in other words, one of the greatest Nak Muay EVER, and perhaps the best Nak Muay of the last five years respectively. They also boast a host of talent from Phuket Top Team and other notable camps. Patong for their part secure good talent; once flying out Liam Harrison from England and Dzhabar Askerov from Holland to fight for their 61kg stadium title, with the promise to fly out the winner for continued title defences in order to have a world class international fighter as their full-time champion (Harrison won, and made two defences).

On the whole, Bangla are probably winning the war right now, but Patong Stadium having a televised fight card on live Thai cable is certainly a very important victorious battle in the overall saga between Phuket’s two major Muay Thai stadiums.