Breaking News: Roger Huerta Vs Phil Baroni @One FC 23rd June

This announcement came as a huge shock to me,  as I am friends with both Roger Huerta and Phil Baroni and have had an extended friendship with both these fighters sicne they have been calling Thailand their second home.

Not only have I been friends with these fighters, but both Phil and Roger have been friends within Thailand and also back in the US.

The guys are bonded in many ways.

Do you guys remember seeing the ‘Cobra Blood Video‘ in Thailand ?

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Roger and Phil have met, their wives hung out and even in the case of Roger’s fight in Texas – he got Phil the job on the mic. doing the commentating.
Now to twist things up just a little more – Phil has been with AKA over the past year, AKA is the life long home of Mike Swick – who is Roger’s good friend and also business partner.

A lot of people have in the past talked about fighters who compete against other fighters of the same camp and fighting ‘friends’
Personally I find it weird to have shared cobra blood, promotional contacts, work, training, families hanging out – and then go in the cage and fight… but hey – each person has a unique view on it.

Roger Huerta is currently in training at Phuket Top Team in Thailand, so I had a chance to talk to him about it.
Roger had this short comment to say to FSA:

“I don’t want to talk with media about this much, I just want to get it done. I’m shocked that it’s played out like this but I’m going to be ready. I can’t say I’m happy about it all. (I’m) happy to be in One FC fighting, shocked at the opponent that wanted to fight me. I want to fight and hurt someone now”.

However you view this fight, the politics and the drama…. one thing is for sure:

One FC have got one hell of a fight lined up for Malaysia 23rd June !

Phil Baroni is a BIG boy and a stacked 77kg fighter – Phil’s attributes are his power double and his powerful hands. His possible weakness has always been in the clinch, leg kicks and occasionally his conditioning.

Roger Huerta is a SMALL 77 kg fighter who is currently bulking up to make sure he steps in as an equally big 77kg fighter as Baroni. Huerta’s attributes are his speed, aggression, heart and footwork. His possible weakness in the past has been coming in under-prepared, under-weight or injured.

This fight will usher in the continuance and resurrection of a career for one of these fighters. A loss will result in a heavy fall from grace as both have had losses leading up to this fight.

Let’s take a look at a highlight of each of these fighters…. now picture them in the same cage…. yes its happening !

ONE Fc June 23rd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image