Victor Cui @ the One Asia MMA Summit: “The Future”

CEO, founder and owner of One Fighting Championships Victor Cui is the first man to bring everyone in Asia MMA together for one talking shop. Promoters, sponsors, advertisers, gym owners, and several of the more handsome journalists were invited and flown to Singapore and housed in unbelievably luxurious surroundings in the Marina Bay Sands, in order to bring together the movers, shakers and breakers in the industry and get them networking, sharing ideas and hearing the One FC Network’s modus operandi and plans for the future in one presentation.

It was both for advancement and networking, and also a show of strength. It worked.

Here is the bulk of Victor Cui’s opening introductory speech, as he outlines his plans for the advancement of Asian MMA.


Having uploaded on the third attempt on a Thai internet connection I’m barely in range of, this video may be rough around the edges, but it was a long and hard-earned victory getting it online in the first place, so woomp, der it is.

Some of the topics breached at the summit were the coordination of rules and regulations, cooperation between organisations in the One FC Network, fighter safety, and the implementation of an amateur circuit. FSA will provide a full run down on the summit.

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