Manny Pacquiao – Asia’s Greatest Boxer Of All Time ?!

The fact is Manny Pacquiao is Asia’s current P4P best boxer around, but is he possibly the greatest Asian boxer of all time?

There is always going to remain argument to this and any p4p ranking system, but i believe there are 2 main contenders to the ‘Best Asian Boxer Of All Time’ status.

Thailand’s Khaosai Galaxy and another great from the Philippines – Pancho Villa.

Khaosai defended his WBA world title 19 times in seven years (1984–1991), winning 16 of his title fights by knockouts.

A member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame he is widely considered as one of the greatest boxing champions of all time. He is listed #19 on Ring Magazine’s list of 100 greatest punchers of all time.

His official record is absolutely astonishing:

Total 50
Wins 49
By knockout 43
Losses 1
By knockout 0

Khaosai went relatively unknown in the western world (what a shame) as so many of his fights were inside Thailand. He did however defeat Chang-Ho Choi in South Korea, Elly Pical in Indonesia and Israel Contreras in Netherland.

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The other contender for the best Asian boxer of all time, is Francisco Guilledo (August 1, 1901 – July 14, 1925), more commonly known as Pancho Villa (a Philipino boxer).

Total fights 108
Wins 92
Wins by KO 23
Losses 9
Draws 4
No contests 3

Pancho Villa was a world flyweight champion, and amazingly died at age 23 !

With so much achieved – we can only imagine what he could have done on top of that 23 years.

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Keep in mind this video above was made in 2006 – so Pacquiao has won ALOT more epic fights and championships since this reporters opinion was stated. He may well have changed his opinion now.

This takes us to Manny Pacquiao, who in my opinion has to be the front runner for the position of Asia’s Greatest Boxer Of All Time…. (despite the Floyd Mayweather Jnr fight still not having gone down)

PacMan is the first eight-division world champion; having won six world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes.

He was named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2000s (decade) by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA). He is also a three-time ‘The Ring’ magazine and BWAA “Fighter of the Year,” winning the award in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

Major World Titles:

  • WBC Flyweight Champion (112 lbs)
  • IBF Super Bantamweight Champion (122 lbs)
  • WBC Super Featherweight Champion (130 lbs)
  • WBC Lightweight Champion (135 lbs)
  • WBO Welterweight Champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs)
 Including a slew of minor world titles and regional titles.
Boxing record
Total fights 59
Wins 54
Wins by KO 38
Losses 3
Draws 2
No contests 0
This is a pretty damn good showing and in my humble opinion, this is worthy of ASIA’s GREATEST BOXER OF ALL TIME.
At the time of writing this article Pacquiao is within hours of facing Timothy Bradley for the WBO welterweight title. This win would again solidify himself further as ‘The Man’ – Bradley is a very dangerous, young and talented fighter. This will be no easy fight.
The one remaining factor for Manny will then be Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

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