Interview with Lumpinee Stadium champion & Fighter of the year – Penek Sitnumnoi

What a year Penek (Pen-ake) Sitnumnoi has had!

The young a humble 23 year old, had an incredible 2012. Penek not only picked up a couple of world titles (taking his swag to 6 current titles) but he also won the Lumpinee Championship Title (arguably the most sought after in muay thai) as well as a huge win over the legendary Sam-A.

This win also catapulted him into winning the sport writers fighter of the year 2012.

Penek has just suffered his first loss in a long time, at the hands of none other than the P4P muay thai great – Saenchai.

Penek stepped up in weight to tangle with the legend, resulting in a 5 round technical war of which Saenchai got the better of (in his more natural weight division)

We sit down very quickly with Penek and his trainer Numnoi – a few smiles and winks later… we have a video.

Looking forward to the announced Penek vs Sam-A re-match!

YouTube Preview Image