Buakaw now based in Hong Kong – MMA is an option

As the story that has become BUAKAW BANCHAMEK has grown and rumors have swelled about if he will fight MMA or where he will fight, is he retired ?

Well here’s what we do know:

Bukaw is possibly looking at a deal(stipulations unknown) with a new MMA gym in Hong Kong – Epic MMA.

The gym is now hosting Buakaw and he has been training daily in MMA / Jiu Jitsu / Boxing and muay thai.

Epic gym has yet to drop any official statement or press release – so we cant disclose certain details just yet.

Buakaw has retired from competing in Muay Thai, his deal with Por Pramuk involves only muay thai. This means Buakaw can compete in K-1, Shooto or MMA without any legal ramifications.

Sources tell us Buakaw may sign a deal with Epic MMA gym and will for now be based out of Hong Kong – in line with this, Buakaw has also looked at a deal with a new MMA / Jiu Jitsu brand – GRIPS ‘everyday warrior apparel’ 

We can expect Buakaw to compete in Shooto and K-1 fights this year.

Neither Buakaw, Epic MMA or Grips have mentioned any MMA fights… still he is training daily in his ground skills and this means he is open to the possibilities. Buakaw was also seen recently as a guest at Legend FC.

YouTube Preview Image
Could you imagine if Legend FC or ONE FC offered a contract to Buakaw – where he could still fight Shooto/K-1 and also compete in there MMA event !?

Pretty exciting and would surely pull a good audience.

Wish i had added him to our latest poll ‘Who Should ONE FC Sign Next

Before people start saying things like ‘sign him to UFC, no-one could hang with his standup’ and ‘he will be an MMA champion for sure!” 

I say to you – relax your eager selves, Buakaw is a super talented fighter and athlete (yes) but remember Michael Jordan’s terrible baseball career? (maybe you dont) because it was certainly not a good one….

Buakaw will need solid training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and then sparring with other pro MMA fighters – if he even hopes to hang with the talent pool MMA now has.

Lets hope this happens and we might just see him in a cage sometime soon!