FSA Interview with Antonio Mckee “Aoki is long, long overdue! Mentally, I’ve already won that fight”

Lets introduce this a little first – Antonio Mckee (28-4) pro MMA fighter

(that’s a hell of a record right?) UFC vet, MFC vet, IFL  vet nd now looking for some big fights in a big home. Likely one of the most under-rated lightweights in the business.

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Fight Sport Asia sat down exclusively with Antonio Mckee and threw some questions at him….

FSA: At 42 years of age your still looking fit, strong and most of all winning. Having lost only 1 very close split decision in the last 19 fights since 2003. Your record is an incredible 28-4.

Do you want to fight more in this sport and achieve more, and if yes what do you want to eventually achieve ?

Mckee: I would like the opportunity to fight more indeed!

My goal is still to prove that I am and should be acknowledged as one of the worldsBeST 155 lb… regardless of age!

I believe whole heartedly that Hard work and determination pay off in the end, regardless of politics and I am not personally satisfied with walking away from the sport just yet… I need to achieve my inner desire to be the BEST!

FSA: You are possibly the most under rated fighter in MMA when we are talking strictly fight record and wins.

Do you feel like people should know you more and you deserve more recognition for a career that includes MFC, IFL, UFC and the impressive 28-4 showing ?

Mckee: I do feel that people know me, in fact I have quite a large fan base.

I get lots of emails, letters and love from my supporters and that helps keep me going! Good or bad, people know who Antonio McKee is!

There are lots of “couch critics” out there that simply want to watch guys bar brawl it out and as I have said time and time again, I am a technician. A master at my craft.Unbeatable at MY game. So for those that don’t appreciate this type of showmanship, I am not your favorite fighter. Non the less, they all know who I am.

FSA: There was small talk of you possibly fighting in Asia’s largest MMA organisation ONE FC, have you heard these rumours and how do you feel about the option ?

Mckee: It’s always a privileged to be asked to fight outside of the US. ONE FC has an amazing thing going right now and being a veteran in the sport it would be an honor to represent their brand and give ONE FC fans a taste of the MANDINGO MAGIC!

FSA: In ONE FC at 70kg, we currently have Roger Huerta, Zoro, Shinya Aoki and a bunch more great talent. How would you feel about a fight with Huerta or Aoki ?

Mckee: Im definitely up for it!

Like I said early, I only want to fight top ranked fighters, McKee vs Aoki is long, long  overdue! Mentally, I’ve already won that fight, just waiting on a contract to sign.

FSA: May 29th 2011 there was apparently a fight booked for you Vs Aoki in Dream. Can you let us know why this never materialized ?

Mckee: Bottom line is this- I was never given a complete contract. The negotiation was over the phone and up until May 15th there was still no contract for a fight less than 10 days away at which point I got concerned because I needed time to get my VISA. I was ready to go without a doubt, but unfortunately with no contract, there was no other option. 

FSA: You have beaten names such as Heath Sims, Toby Imada, Marcus Aurelio, Mike Dolce, Brian Cobb , Joe Comacho and many more – what can we expect in the future – who can we expect to see you beating next?

Mckee:  As far as expecting… well, that’s up to the promoters out there but I will give you my dream list: Aoki, Menendez, BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar… hellloooo, is anybody out there? ha!

FSA: Lets talk criticism – some argue your not a finisher and therefor your simply a ‘lay and pray’ wrestler. What do you say to those who criticize you about this? and do you plan to work harder at attaining more knockouts or submissions ?

Mckee: Ahhh, back to the “Couch critics”!

As far as being a ‘lay and pray wrestler’ … I don’t lay on anyone, they simply can’t escape the brute strength of the MANDINGO! Lol! If he is smart, he will train to beat me at my game. Apparently no one has figured the old man out yet! By the way, if you have seen y last 5 fights, I have showcased some new techniques and my game has been much more exciting I am way more comfortable no on my feet and have no problem rockin and rollin. 

FSA: Thanks for your time with Fight Sport Asia, any sponsors or people you would like to thank ?

Mckee: Big ups to my sponsors- Brawl and Maul, Polanti and Lexani!

Much love and respect for Team Bodyshop- my warriors who keep me training hard daily, my fans..whodefinetly keep me pumped up and a special shout out to Fight Sport Asia… good lookin out!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!