Saenchai v. Singdam video & Lumpinee results; Alamos, Sagetdao & More

He is that original, he stays on that pinnacle, he’s old school like biblical, futuristic next level…
D-d-d-d-don’t stop S****** party!

What a legend. No spoilers until after you’ve watched the video

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Yes, the great man lost, but who cares. He’s still a joy to watch, and what a year he’s had – avenging and toppling Lumpinee champion Sagetdao, toppling the newly-crowned Sportswriters Fighter of the Year Penek, claiming the WPMF belt, winning viciously in China…

Let’s hope that the party doesn’t stop, and the Saenchai train keeps chugging on inexorably for a few more years of Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and international Muay Thai goodness.

Singdam is a former Fighter of the Year in his own right, and a worthy winner on points against his former foe. He himself remains at the pinnacle of the sport around the lightweight & light-welterweight divisions.

Damien Alamos, the Frenchie from Singpatong gym defended his Lumpinee title superbly against Arunchai. After blasting the Thai with a big hook in the dying seconds of the second round (which resulted in the Thai taking the full count, being saved by the bell and visibly dazed thereafter). Alamos was unable to finish, but the trademark Sitnumnoi endurance and his skill ensured he looked a worthy winner as he cruised to the finish line to win on points over five rounds.

Sagetdao took a big loss, just as he was embarking on another run of top form. As expected, Petchboonchu and he staged a clinch happy battle (as both fighters look to employ the clinch – see Sagetdao/Penek in July for a prime example, and to think Penek/Petchboonchu was almost pencilled in for this show! That would have been ugly) and unfortunately for Sagetdao, he could not maintain or even establish dominance in the clinch, and his trademark left body kicks could not turn the tide. He failed to make any meaningful strikes, and dropped the decision to the F.A Group man.

The full results are as follows:

  • Singdam Kiatmuu9 W dec Saenchai
    wins Lumpinee Lightweight belt
  • Petchboonchu FA Group W dec Sagetdao
    wins Thailand lightweight belt
  • Sarawut  W dec Wanchai
    wins Lumpinee Light Flyweight belt
  • Chokprecha W dec Wanchalong
  • Superlek W dec Muangthai Sor.Boongium
    wins Lumpinee  Super Flyweight belt
  • Damian Alamos W Arunchai
    retains Lumpinee Super Lightweight belt
  • Diesel lek W TKO5 F16 Rajanont
  • Rittidej Wor. Wanthavee W dec Palangthip

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