Mirko Cro Cop in ONE FC? Heavy Rumor!

The UG is a buzz with the mentioning that Mirko Crop Cop has signed with a new MMA promotion and the buzz on the forums is that he has possibly signed with ONE FC.

Looking at it i couldn’t see Bellator picking him up so the main options would be ONE FC, the new WSOF, possibly MFC or maybe M-1 global

The strong money is on ONE FC and if this is the case we can expect some very fun match up’s that would suit Cro Cop at this point in his career.

I would love to see Arlovski Vs Cro-Cop or Silvia Vs Cro-Cop 

hell ONE FC even have Manhoeff signed – Cro Cop Vs Manhoeff would be brutality!

I think the idea of Soccer kicks and pride rules combined with Mirko Cro Cop – is something we can ALL get excited about….

well we will have to wait to see if the rumors are true.

Who has Cro-Cop signed with?

Will we see Mirko Cro-Cop back in Asia and back to the Soccer Kicks and Grounded Knees!

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Croatian source – http://www.24sata.hr/fight-club/opet-ce-u-kavez-mirko-ce-se-boriti-ispred-sto-tisuca-ljudi-262691