ROAD FC 009 Videos! Fantastic Event

ROAD FC 009 was a ground breaking event..
As we have come to expect from ROAD FC, the production is PRIDE FC like, the fights are absolute top level and the Korean fans love there ROAD FC.

It seems ROAD FC are filling the gap left by PRIDE, Spirit FC and DREAM….

While of course we have ONE FC exploding onto the scene and doing a great job, ONE FC is an organisation with a 50/50 feel (by that i mean it is deff Asian MMA but also fills in and attracts the western market) that blend has no doubt led to the promotions fantastic growth and success.

ROAD FC is on a seemingly different path – they developed slowly over the years.. attracting and seemingly marketing only to the Korean MMA fans. ROAD FC 009 was the first event where they were offering a stream (or VOD – Videos On Demand)

Korean commentating (Korean & English announcing), the appearance was highly Asian feeling – the cooky walk out songs, the lasers & the Korean fans!

It all sent a tingle down my spine… and boy did the fights live up to expectation!

Below are the results to the under-card (not shown on VOD) and then links to the main event fights!

The under-card fights were broken down into a category called ‘Young Guns 5′ where the young and up-coming ROAD FC fighters are able to showcase there skills as they climb the ladder to main event fights.

[Middleweight Superfight]

Park Ilcheol VS. Yu Yeongwoo Team Max / 박일철 vs. 유영우

Park IlChul defeats Yu Yeongwoo by decision.

[Bantamweight Superfight]

Kwak Myeongsik VS. Park Gwangsu / 곽명식 vs. 박광수

Kwak MyeongSik defeats Park Gwangsu by submission – RNC Rnd 1

[Lightweight Superfight]

Kim Hwigyu Team MAD VS. Lee Jonghwa Team Possee / 김휘규 vs. 이종화

Kim Hwigyu defeats Lee Jonghwa by decision.

[Featherweight Superfight]

Jung Yeongsam Jiujitsu World VS. Jin Taeho Team Fight / 정영삼 vs. 진태호

Jung Yeongsam defeats Jin Taeho by decision.

[Featherweight Superfight]

Gil Yeongbok VS. Lee Jeongwon / 길영복 VS. 이정원

Gil Yeongbok defeats Lee Jeongwon by decision

Main Event Fights

VIEW NOW | Yong Jae Lee vs. Won Gi Kim

VIEW NOW | Seok Mo Kim vs. Vuyisile Colossa

VIEW NOW | Chang Hyun Kim vs. Takasuke Kume

VIEW NOW | Yui Chul Nam vs. Masahiro Toryu

VIEW NOW | Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Jin Soo Yuk

VIEW NOW | Melvin Manhoef vs. Jae Young Kim