Daniel Ghita vs. Gohkan Saki: A Heavyweight Rumble at GLORY 6 Istanbul

In the world of  kickboxing, there are four heavyweights synonymous with the word “dominance.” Semmy Schilt, Badr Hari, Daniel Ghita, and Gohkan Saki. Above all else these four stand on pillars of greatness, and in one week, on April 6, Daniel Ghita and Gohkan Saki will collide for the second time in one of the most anticipated match-ups of the year.For the first time ever, GLORY will visit Istanbul to play host to this monumental heavyweight clash.

Back in 2010 Saki and Ghita met during the K-1 Grand Prix Quarter-Finals in one of the best fights of the tournament. Saki edged Ghita after 3 rounds and an extension, securing his place in the Semi’s.

Since that fight, Daniel Ghita has been on an absolute tear. From the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2012, Ghita was by far one of the most terrifying forces in GLORY, winning 9/10 fights by KO or TKO. Many people expected Ghita to emerge victorious when he squared off against Semmy Schilt in the GLORY Grand Slam Finals, but it was not to be. Ghita was knocked down by a head-kick in the first round, and the ref called the match to a halt (rather controversially, I might add).

Saki’s past few years have been just as impressive. He’s lost only three times since 2010- once to Badr Hari, once to Alistair Overeem, and finally to Semmy Schilt. “The Rebel” is an absolute killing machine. He is, for my money, by far the most technically skilled heavyweight kickboxer in the world and easily one of the fastest.

When Saki meets Ghita in the middle of the ring, fireworks are almost guaranteed. Both guys are sure to come looking for the knockout and to establish themselves as the rightful heir to Semmy Schilt’s throne. The card also features a huge array of old an new talent, including the phenomenal Kharim Ghajji taking on Nieky Holzken and Andy Ristie throwing down versus Alessandro Campagna.

As April 6 draws closer we’ll have even more coverage, including live updates at the time of show. Here is the official GLORY 6 Istanbul promo.