Pornsanae vs. Yetkin Ozkul Set For June 20 in France

Recently announced for Best of Siam 4 on June 20 in Paris, France, Yetkin Ozkul vs. Porsanae Sitmonchai has all the makings of an instant classic. You couldn’t really ask for a better match up than this.

Pornsanae has long been one of muay thai’s most dynamic and crowd-thrilling fighters. A fan-favorite in almost every country, Pornsanae has the aggression and killer instinct of a small Mike Tyson. While he has struggled recently against technical fighters (Specifically at the Lumpinee Supershow earlier this month) it goes without saying that every match he’s in becomes a knock-down drag-out war.

He’ll have his hands full with Yetkin Ozkul. Ozkul is coming off an unusual injury loss to Pokaew and a victory over Seeoui at the start of the year. Ozkul too, tends to struggle with technique oriented fighters, but when it comes to standing face to face in the middle of the ring and exchanging, he’s one of the best in the business.

If it was ever acceptable to prematurely label a fight as having potential for fireworks, this would be the one. Both guys will be coming forward, throwing big shots, and trying to KO each other from the opening bell. Pornsanae and Ozkul are both fast starters, vicious finishers, and heavy hitters. As unpredictable as fight sports are I wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed to end early, but the chances are very high.

Stay tuned in on FSA for more details on the full card.