Thai Fight 2013 Full Card: Yodsanklai Headlines

Earlier yesterday, Thai Fight announced the completed card for their highly anticipated show, scheduled for June 29th in Thailand.

In the main event of the evening, global sensation Yodsanklai Fairfax is scheduled to face the relatively unknown Kazbek Zubarov. While it was initially reported that Yosanklai would be facing Antoine Pinto, it looks as though that was a misinterpretation brought about by the layout of the poster. Zubarov is certainly a step down in competition from Pinto, but I suppose a relatively easy fight is expected for the Boxing Computer’s Thai Fight debut.

In probably the most evenly matched big name fight on the card, Saiyok Pumpanmuang faces Michael Piscitello at 70kg.Both Saiyok and Piscitello are competitors on the ongoing Thai Fight reality show, and there’s a good chance this fight could be a continuation of the as of yet unaired series. What this will mean for the show is anyone’s guess.

Also on the card, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee, Iquezang, Fahmongkol, and Victor Pictor are all slated to take on foreign opponents. Besides the French Michael Piscitell, and Belgian standout Youssef Boughanem, there are no recognizable names fighting against the Thai’s. Siangboxing fighter Antoine Pinto is also noticeably absent from the roster posted thus far.

Thai Fight 2013 will be going down on June 29, the same day as MAX Muay Thai in Jakarta. You can keep up with all the latest information on Thai Fight right here at FSA.


Yodsanklai (Thailand) vs Kazbek Zubarov (Russia)

Iquezang (Thailand) vs Victor Hugo Nunes (Brazil)

Saiyok (Thailand) vs Mickael Piscitello (France)

Victor Pinto (France) vs Alexis Barateu (France)

Fahmongkol (Thailand) vs Angelo Alessio (Italy)

Peemai (Thailand) vs Yossef Boughanem (Belgium)

Jelop (Thailand) vs Matheus Pereira Dagruz (Brazil)

Sudsakorn (Thailand) vs Dimitri Masson (France)

Payakdam (Thailand) vs Samuel Mayweather (England)