MAX Muay Thai Pattaya Live Results and Play-By-Play

Today in Pattaya, MAX Muay Thai is set to round out an amazing evening of Muay Thai with it’s second show, taking place in Pattaya, Thailand. While originally scheduled for Indonesia, pollution issues allegedly forced the promotion back to their home country a few days before the event.

Have no fear, because the main card is still relatively intact. MAX’s second four man tournament, featuring the likes of Fabio Pinca and Diesellek will be the main attraction on the card, while appearances by Aikpracha Meenayothin, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, and Buakaw Banchamek will provide the night’s co-entertainment.

You can follow along with Fight Sport Asia for Live Results and Play-by-Play of MAX Pattaya right here, and be sure to check back with us for any fascinating updates or announcements that might occur after the show.

MAX final: Victor Ngabe def. Favio Pinca by Decision
Douchonlek def. Alka Matewa by Decision
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def. Juri Jehl by Decision
Aikpracha def. Warren Stevelmans by Decision
Semi-final 2: Victor Ngabe def. Rhassan Muhareb by Decision
Semi-final 1: Fabio Pinca def. Diesellek Sor Uodoonmuang by Decision


Final: Victor Ngabe vs. Fabio Pinca

Round 1: Very even round, Ngabe seems to be stronger in the clinch and using his size well. Pinca stillsneaking in good shots, but Id lean towards Ngabe. 10-9 Ngabe

Round 2: Again, very close round. Fabio is coming forward more but Ngabe is pressing the clinch hard and returning back kicks of his own. Nothing significant from either side. 10-10 draw

Round 3: Crazy close fight,. Ngabe starts off the round pressing the action and getting a beautiful sweep, but halfway through Pinca starts taking over, landing a sweep of his own as they exchange low kicks at the bell. I’m leaning slightly towards Pinca. 10-9 Pinca

Result: Victor Ngabe def. Fabio Pinca by Decision

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Juri Kehl

Round 1: Kehl is a punching bag this round, taking lots of shots and spinning awkwardly. Sitthichai hoarding the German fighters into corners and unloading. Clear round for the Thai. 10-9 Sitthichai

Round 2: Sitthichai is absolutely unloading his arsenal on Kehl now. All Juri can do is cover up, back up,and try not get knocked out. Suddenly, BAM, Kehl lands a giant headkick that puts Sitthichai on the ground. No 8 count though, which doesn’t seem right. Replay shows an obvious knockdown, but without the call Sitthichai takes the round easily. 10-9 Sitthichai

Round 3: Miore of the same. Sitthichai getting even bolder,landing hand stand kicks, leaping elbow, and flying knees. Juri looks exhausted and is only barely holding on. 10-9 Sitthichai

Result: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def. Juri Kehl by Decision

Aikpracha Meenayothin vs. Warren Stevelmans

Round 1-3: Absolute domination. Usually I don’t group three rounds together like this, but Aikpracha was so consistent that I thought I’d save time. The Thai absolutely hauled off on Stevelmans, kicking him down, tossing him, punching him, and kicking him with near impunity. The only chink in Aikpracha’s armor showed itself in the third round, as the Thai seemed to be a bit tired from the beating he just delivered. Still, it was far too late for Stevelmans to take advantage. 10-9 Aikpracha

Result: Aikpracha def. Warren Stevelmans by Decision

Semi-final 2: Victor Ngabe vs. Rhassan Muhareb

Round 1: Craziness from Muhareb, wild spinning backfists, weird kicks, seems to be outworking Ngabe though, who is returning fire, but is getting his kicks caught and swept. 10-9 Muhareb

Round 2: More of the same here, except even moreso. Leaping elbow, flying kicks, jumping back insanity. Wild clinches- the works. Ngabe does seem to be landing the cleaner shots, although I’m not sure what will matter more to the judges. 10-9 Ngabe

Round 3: Another wild round, although Victor seems to be maintaing a degree of control. Maharev is landing a lot though, sinking some solid overhands and pushing his opponent back to the ropes. Rhassan is making contact almost double the amount of Victor but Ngabe is far more precise and technical.. 10-10 Draw

Result: Victor Ngabe def. Rhassan Maharev by Decision

Semi-final 1: Diesellek sor Uodoonmuang vs. Favio Pinca

Round 1: Diesellek firing with kicks, Pinca seems content to return front leg low kicks throughout the round. Diesellek starts making contact with some hard shots the arms, attempts a leaping elbow. Not much activity from Pinca towards the end of round 1, starts doubling up on low kicks, but I doubt it’s enough to take it. Strangely conservative fighting from his so far. 10-9 Diesellek

Round 2: Very close round, both guys landing good kicks, Pinca attempting a lot of sweeps. 10-10 draw

Round 3: Pinca went all out it for it in the round, landing some nasty punches, a ton of kicks to the legs and body, and generally outworking the Thai. Great, great round, and great fight. 10-9 Pinca

Result: Fabio Pinca def. Diesellek by Decision