Muay Thai Warriors Results and Video

Yesterday in Thailand, Saenchai PK MuayThaiGym took the stage yet again for a fight against Rafi Singpatong. While the event was relatively unheralded in combat news circles, there were some solid fights on the card, including a match-up between the rising Anvar Boynazarov and Seeoui Sor. Sunantachai in the co-main event, and Superbon Tor. Prachuabmoh facing Kamel Mezatni.

In the evening’s main attraction, the always phenomenal Saenchai routed a much bigger Rafi Singpatong in a unanimous decision victory. While Rafi certainly didn’t do poorly against the season vet, Saenchai was clearly toying with the younger fighter at many points throughout the match.

Saenchai’s last win was a decision over Yosuke Mizuochi in his very first appearance in the kickboxing ring. While many (including us here at FSA) have been speculating that Saenchai might make the move to kickboxing full time in the near future, the majority of Muay Thai fans would first like to see the legend face off with Yodwicha Por Boonsit for the Second time.

In the co-main event, Seeoui Sor. Sunantachai defeated Anvar Boynazarov in the second round with a nasty elbow TKO. Seeoui pushed the pressure throughout the fight, and while Anvar was certainly game, he was eventually overcome by the Thai’s persistence and power.

You can check out videos from the event below, and be sure to stay with FSA for even more Muay Thai news.

Saenchai vs. Rafi

Seeoui vs. Anvar

1. Saenchai P.K. SaenchaiGym WON(Point) Rafael Bohic
2. Seeoui Sor. Sunantachai WON(K.O.2) Anvar Boynazarov
3. Superbon Tor. Prachuabmoh WON(Point) Kamel Mezatni
4. Nattakia Pran26 WON(K.O.3) Lukas Quentin
5. Phupingnoi Sakchatree WON(Point) Carl N’Diaye Lundgren
6. Danny Edwards WON(K.O.3) Kasalong Wor.Por. Lumpang
7. Muangsingjiew Sit-Palang WON(Point) Sylvie Von Douglas