Muay Thai Stand-Out Nathan “Carnage” Corbett Makes the Move to GLORY

We’ve been away for a bit, but we wouldn’t want to come back without a bang.

Nathan Corbett, one of the most iconic Australian Muay Thai fighters in history, is officially set to make his debut with GLORY.

According to Australian stand-up source FightMag, Corbett has signed a two fight deal to the world’s largest kickboxing promotion.

If you’ve ever seen Corbett fight you know that his main weapons of choice are his terrifyingly fast and lethal elbows. Of course, GLORY forbids the use of elbows, but that doesn’t mean Corbett will be at a massive disadvantage. In my opinion, Carnage has some of the most underrated kicks in the 95 kilogram division and his enormous punching power is nothing to sneeze at.

This addition to GLORY’s roster sets up what it is perhaps one of the most anticipated higher-weight fights in the world: Nathan Corbett vs. Tyrone Spong. Corbett first faced Spong back in 2009 in a fight that was ruled a No Contest due to an illegal blow, but it is still nearly unanimously considered a Corbett victory.

After GLORY 9 NYC, Spong reigns supreme among the 95 kg kickboxers, while Corbett rules the 95 kg Muay Thai division. Finally getting to see these two in the same organization is a dream come true for kickboxing and Muay Thai fans alike.

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