7/16 Lumpinee Results: Yodwicha Victorious Against Wanchalerm, Alamos Defends Belt

Today in Thailand, Yodwicha Por Boonsit squared off against the highly touted Wanchalerm Aodoonmuang in a battle that pitted the top talent at 130/135 pounds against one of the last nak muays many people thought may have had a chance of dethroning the rising Bor Boonsit fighter.

It was not to be. Despite having a hefty weight advantage, Wanchalerm was ultimately stymied by Yodwicha’s overpowering clinch. While the fight stayed close up until the final bell (as many of Yodwicha’s fights often do) the seventeen year old sensation pulled away with the win, cementing his place as the undisputed king of the 135 pounds division.

Muay Thai is not a sport where fighters stay undefeated forever, unless your name happens to be Dieselnoi. With the huge amount of talent floating around at 128/130/135/140, there will be plenty of challengers priming to snatch away Yodwicha’s coveted Lumpinee strap, and it’s highly one of them will be able to do it within the year. That being said, it should be acknowledged that what Yodwicha has done since late 2012 has been truly remarkable. He has faced the absolute pinnacle of the sport, one after another, for seven fights in a row and come out on top each time.

There are rumors that Yodwicha will be taking his talents to Thai Fight in August or September, where he’ll pit himself against foreign opposition for the first time. Of course, the rematch everyone is still waiting for is Yodwicha vs. Saenchai II. While the seventeen year old star stole the final rounds in their first fight, many expect that Saenchai’s cunning and experience will carry him to a victory, should the pair ever meet again.

Back to the action at Lumpinee tonight, the ever dynamic Pettawee Sor Kittichai came in the underdog against Phoekaw Fonjangchonburi, but was able to steal the win on points in an exciting back and forth affair.

Rounding off the big fights, Damien Alamos brutally KO’d challenger Singsuriya Mor.Ratanabandit in the second to defend his 140 pound Lumpinee title for the second time, continuing the historic streak. Alamos had previously defeated Singsuriya by Decision in his last fight on France’s “Impacts Fight Night 3.”

Stay tuned for videos of the event, plus complete results.

Yodwicha Por Boonsit Def. Wanchalerm Aodoonmuang by Decision
Pettawee Sor Kittichai Def. Phoekaw Fonjangchonburi by Decision
Damien Alamos Def. Singsuriya Mor.Ratanabandit by KO in Rd. 2