Giant Fights Set For Rajadamnern: Saenchai vs. Kongsak, Yodwicha vs. Singdam

(Photo courtesy of Champ Boxing Magazine)

The last few months have seen an enormous amount of quality Lumpinee and Rajadamnern action, including the rise of one of the greatest young nak muays of the modern era- Yodwicha Por Boonsit. On August 8, we’ll get to see yet another slew of amazing fights, highlighted by a second showdown between Singdam Kiatmoo9 and Yodwicha, and an absolutely fantastic match-up between Saenchai PKsaenchaimuaythaigym and Kongsak Sitboonmee in Rajadamnern Stadium.

It seems like Yodwicha’s name has come up in nearly every article on Muay Thai in the past few months, but there’s good reason for that. The teenage sensation most recently defeated the equally lanky Wanchalerm by decision, but has already added the likes of Saenchai, Singdam, Kongsak, Nong-O, and Petchboonchu to his tally of greats broken by his stifling clinch.

Singdam is no push-over however, holding a long-running back and forth rivalry with one of the greatest nak muays of all time, Saenchai PKmuaythai gym. If anyone has the chance to upset the superstar, it more than likely comes down to Singdam and Saenchai.

The co-main event of the night is a fight that is guaranteed fireworks. Kongsak Sitboonmee is one of the most dynamic boxers at 131 pounds, holding epic wars over the years that resemble a real life Rocky movie, except with less Stalone and more headkicks. Kongsak most recently emerged victorious in a slightly debated decision win against Petchboonchu FA Group

Saenchai, obviously, needs no introduction. The man is one of the most storied, well traveled, and brilliant fighters on the face of the Earth. Saenchai already defeated Kongsak once, back when the latter was tearing up the division during his monstrous run in 2011. It’s fantastic to see them matched up a second time, as it will almost assuredly be a fight to remember.

There’s also a squadron of other great bouts on the card, including: Petphanomrung vs. Petchmorakod, Super-lek vs. Petch U-Thong,  Pethboonchu vs. Chamuaktong, The-lek vs. Wanchana, and Detkart vs. Satanmuanglek. If you are a serious fan of muay thai, you should be losing your mind right now. And if you haven’t been involved long enough to recognize those names, trust me, they’ll be fantastic fights.

You can check out the full fight card released thus far below, and be sure to stay with FSA for all your muay thai needs.

Fight Card

Yodwicha vs. Singdam

Saenchai vs. Kongsak

Petphanomrung vs. Petchmorakod

Super-lek vs. Petch U-Thong

Pethboonchu vs. Chamuaktong

The-lek vs. Wanchana

Detkart vs. Satanmuanglek