Thai Fight Pattani September 22nd 2013 Videos

We dont have all the videos yet – but we do have 3 fights for those that missed the event online or live on Thai TV.

While the match up’s were scattered from decent all the way to mis-matched, the fights all entertained.

This event could have looked very different given some of the match up’s, in a stroke of good fortune  for the fans/audience and now you… the outcome was entertaining fights.

First up lets take a look at Antoine Pinto Siangboxing Vs Dorian Price Sitmonchai.

Some said this was a sever mis-match. While Antoine was the stern favorite based on experience combined with previously achieved belts & wins. Those following recent bouts of Dorian will see a very aggressive, very tall fighter who has risen in skill and desire rapidly over the past months.

Dorian pulled the trigger from the start and brought the pressure…. unfortunately Antoine late in Rnd1 used that momentum to toss, sweep, teep and kick Dorian left, right and center. As the fight progresses you will see Antoine continue to show composure as he skillfully controls the fight. Dorian never gives up and continues until his body will no longer allow.

The result is a great fight, that continues to solidify Antoine’s spot among the very top echelon of Foreign muay thai fighters.

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Next up Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee Vs Ali Jadid.

Sudsakorn by far the favorite to take this. Ali came out throwing a 1,2 lowkick that was somewhat effective in landing. However Sudsakorn seemed uneffected physically and went about a typical muay thai style that dominated Ali. The fight looked like a kickboxer Vs a muay thai fighter. While Ali showed great heart to hang in there, the result was inevitable.

Things turned funny & scrappy towards the end as Ali taunted and Sudsakorn kicked and elbowed at any opportunity. Ali at one point hits an MMA double-leg take down on Sudsakorn (likely from being well and truly concussed). The crowd jeered, Sudsakorn kicked and elbowed. The ending comes hard and fast. Sudsakorn far outclassing a young and willing Ali Jadid.

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The 3rd fight we have is Armin Pumpangmuang Vs Mohammed Doroudian.

Armin is very obviously shorter and much less toned than his opponent, Doroudian.

This had little effect, when Doroudian used his long knees and kicks he was met with sweeps, and counters.

Armin cuts his opponent with a nice elbow, the fight is then just controlled by Armin. Cut and dry outcome.

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More fights from the night of action as we get them (we will post fights on this article as they are uploaded.


Saiyok PumpanmuangWindySport Vs Muhammad Nsubuga.

Well there’s not too much to say about this one. Saiyok is situated somewhere at the top of the ladder for fighters his weight, Nsubuga is… well…. i’m not really sure.

Nsubuga begins to jump around with an unusual guard and sloppy punches. He spends the fight back peddling. Saiyok punishes him when he can corner him. Rnd 1 ends… HE SURVIVED.

Seconds into Rnd2 its all over.

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Leo Pinto Vs. Majid Hamid.

Leo Pinto is the younger of the two Pinto brothers from siangboxing.

From the beginning Leo puts his tidy skills to use and controlled the fight with sweeps, step knees and simply outscoring him throughout.

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Andre Teixeira Vs. Prawit Aor Piriyapinyo.

Under the kard chuek style (No gloves – Thai rope wrapping only)

Dominant fight for Prawit and a powerful finish.

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