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7/16 Lumpinee Results: Yodwicha Victorious Against Wanchalerm, Alamos Defends Belt

Today in Thailand, Yodwicha Por Boonsit squared off against the highly touted Wanchalerm Aodoonmuang in a battle that pitted the top talent at 130/135 pounds against one of the last nak muays many people thought may have had a chance of dethroning the rising Bor Boonsit fighter. It was not to be. Despite having a […]

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The Mecca of Muay Thai – Lumpinee Stadium set to ‘Hang Up The Gloves’

Thanks to Monster Muay Thai for sharing the Bangkok Post article  that leads up to this article on FSA. It has come to light that the mecca of Muay Thai, the undisputed home of the undisputed greatest Muay Thai fighters in the history of the sport.. Lumpinee Stadium…. is set to close it’s doors in 2014. […]

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Sittichai vs. Petmonkong: Lumpinee Stadium 25/9/12 for Thailand welterweight title

Big fight! The Thailand welterweight title previously held by Aikpracha is vacant; it will be contested by young star Sittichai, of Sitsongpeenong gym (Kem being a notable team-mate) and Petmonkong, who like his opponent has won a Toyota Cup tournament in 2012, and has a very notable team-mate in Sam-A. Sittichai is tipped to win; […]

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Huge Show: Saenchai/Singdam & Sam-A/Penek Rematches + Other BIG Fights

Dos muy grandé guerras a venir pronto, con quatro campeones! Two super-fights headline a card stacked with top Thai talent, to take place in the Rajadamnern Stadium and featuring the best talent in the land (a plus for those who, like myself when in Bangkok, choose Khao San as their stopoff point; unlike the Lumpinee, […]

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lumpinee 7-9-12

Saenchai v. Singdam video & Lumpinee results; Alamos, Sagetdao & More

He is that original, he stays on that pinnacle, he’s old school like biblical, futuristic next level… D-d-d-d-don’t stop S****** party! What a legend. No spoilers until after you’ve watched the video . . Yes, the great man lost, but who cares. He’s still a joy to watch, and what a year he’s had – […]

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Sam-A/Penek & Singdam/Nong-O: Lumpinee Fight Videos

From the Lumpinee card that essentially determined the recipient of the 2012 Sportswriters of Thailand Fighter of the Year award, with Super-Bantamweight king, 2011 unbeaten and Lumpinee Fighter of the Year 2011 Sam-A taking on the now Lumpinee Stadium and Thailand featherweight champion Penek. Also featured was the fight between former champions and perennial division […]

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Saenchai vs. Sagetdao tonight!! FSA There Live.

It is not every day you get to see the p4p fighter of a generation compete live in the mecca of Muay Thai. Tonight, a major tick on my personal bucket list; I will have the honour of watching Saenchai go toe-to-toe once more with perhaps his biggest rival, the fearsome Sagetdao. With two wins […]

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march 2 lumpinee

Sam-A Retains Lumpinee Title

He’s the reigning champion & Lumpinee Fighter of the Year for a reason. Sam-A may still be young, but compared to the 16yr-old pretender facing him he is a grizzled veteran of the game. With well over three hundred documented wins, against a mere forty-three documented losses, with sixty wins in the Lumpinee Stadium, four […]

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Lumpinee Stadium 2/3/12: Sam-A vs. Petchpanomrung

One week before the fifth (at least) Saenchai/Sagetdao scrap, Bangkok fight fans are treated to another great Saturday card at the Lumpinee headlined by the super-bantamweight champion Sam-A (formerly Sam-A Thor.Ratonakiat), who takes on Petchpanomrung (also called Phetpanomrong), the #1 ranked 122lbs fighter at the weight. Sam-A is the 2011 Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year. A […]

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