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RUFF & Fighter Safety in China

This isn’t a post to vilify, but it is still regardless a legitimate issue to discuss and resolve. Is fighter safety a concern in Chinese Mixed Martial Arts? As one who lives in Thailand, I know a handful of fighters who have fought in China, my own missus included. China fights are not as unavailable […]

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DREAM champs Bibiano & Aoki in One FC: Potential Fights We Want

If you really want more, scream it out louder. Get on the floor, bring out the fire. And light it up, take it up higher. Gonna push it to the limit give it more! More, more, more. As insatiable as the human appetite is, so it is correspondingly for the fight fan and ‘one’ particular […]

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The Rumour Mill: Kayoom vs. Gracie, Praxedes vs. Escobar @ One FC

Two juicy matchups for Phuket Top Team stars at One FC IV: Destiny of Warriors! It is heavily rumoured that the fights to be signed for Messrs Adam Kayoom and Rodrigo Praxedes are to be all-black-belt affairs. Kayoom, from Malaysia, is a former WPMF middleweight World Muay Thai champion, and a decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu […]

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One FC: Destiny of Warriors – A MUST SEE CARD

Destiny of Warriors. One FC’s Kuala Lumpur event scheduled for June 23rd. Such titles are synonymous with Asian MMA, and Victor Cui’s Singaporean organisation are no different. What does mark them apart from the rest of the flock is their understanding of the need for good international marketing in order to grow as a product, […]

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Victor Cui: “The ONE Asia MMA Summit is a historic step forward for Asian MMA”

Victor Cui has made waves during the short history of his One FC promotion, be it through his three events or via the latest sponsorship coup. With such world leaders backing his product as ESPN and Sony, he is well en route to achieving his aspirations for One FC and to push for dominance of […]

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An Interview with the lovely Lenne Hardt: PRIDE & One FC’s Screaming Announcer!

Her voice rang loud through 80k seater stadia in Japan, and was heard by millions around the world. More, she added to every PRIDE event, the eccentricity of her announcing delivery increasing the unique feel of what made PRIDE special and extraordinary. Her introductions of PRIDE champions Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and most of […]

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