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From Mark Hunt's FB

Marco Gigante Villela Interview: Mark Hunt is a real fighter

Fight Sport Asia had the privilege of sitting down with Marco Gigante Villela in Sydney’s northern beaches to discuss Mark Hunts upcoming title fight against Fabricio Werdum at UFC 180 and the impending visit of Grandmaster Relson Gracie for the first time to Australia. There are few better qualified to assess the skills of Hunt and Werdum, as […]

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Pancrase 260 Highlights and Results

    Pancrase has continued the trend of posting highlights of their recent events to the Pancrase Youtube Channel.  The most recent event, Pancrase 260, took place on August 10th in Tokyo, Japan.  The card was headlined by a Welterweight Title Fight between Pancrase’s #7 ranked Gota Yamashita (9-2) and #1 ranked Akihiro Muriyama (15-6-9).  […]

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mishima mma

JMMA Legend MISHIMA visits Thailand & shows his Cobra Hold

21-7-2 Dokonjonosuke MISHIMA (Pride, UFC, DEEP, Shooto & Pancrase veteran) Mishima shows us some very nice submission options from side control. MISHIMA has literally fought in every main Japanese MMA promotion (with the exception of DREAM) In an era that pre-dated Genki Sudo, we saw Mishima offer up ring entrances that rivaled that of the […]

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asian mma

The Three Most Memorable Submissions In Asia-MMA!

Here’s a little trip down memory lane – I’m in a nostalgic mood, so here’s some nostalgic pseudo journalism. We all need a bit of entertainment from time to time. Get ready for three memorable tapout manoeuvres seen on Asian shores, and given the author of this piece, do not be surprised if there is […]

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aoki vs sakuraba

Aoki vs. Sakuraba: Japanese Legends Fight?

Having sat on this rumour for about three weeks, it’s good to finally put to paper. A bout between Evolve MMA’s superstar and the man with more top 10 wins at lightweight than any other, Shinya Aoki, versus pound-for-pound demi-God of Mixed Martial Arts and the pick of many longtime fans for the #2 spot […]

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Pride is Dead but JMMA is still kicking

JMMA took a last curtain call with a Tsunami that wiped out a lot of the hope of some revival. Pride Fc was for many (and deff. us here at FSA) a pinnacle of MMA in its short and illustrious lifetime. JMMA (Japanese Mixed Martial Arts) always offered big entrances, personalities, great hype posters and […]

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An Interview with the lovely Lenne Hardt: PRIDE & One FC’s Screaming Announcer!

Her voice rang loud through 80k seater stadia in Japan, and was heard by millions around the world. More, she added to every PRIDE event, the eccentricity of her announcing delivery increasing the unique feel of what made PRIDE special and extraordinary. Her introductions of PRIDE champions Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and most of […]

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Worked Fights In PRIDE?

Absolutely not. None whatsoever. PRIDE FC was the pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts & Combat Sports. Regardless of continent or country, for fighters and fans alike it was the place to be and the event to watch, with the best roster, most glamorous and extravagant shows and the sexiest image. It presented the sport in the […]

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Fight Card FA 210x285mm

RUFF III: The Fight Card

(From http://ruffchina.com, the official website of China’s most ambitious promotion) The Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF) has released the official fight card for the upcoming RUFF 3, set for March 24th, 2012 at Chongqing Indoor Stadium. RUFF 3, which will be co-headlined by the lightweight match up of Zhang LiPeng vs. Rodrigo Caporal and the bantamweight bout of Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Irshaad Sayed, will […]

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UFC 144: Hioki & Gomi Win In Japan

One was the former #1 lightweight, and one is the unofficial #1 featherweight. Takanori Gomi and Hatsu Hioki represented both their country and the Japanese MMA scene superbly with two displays of varying excellence. Hioki put on yet another grappling clinic, whereas the wilder Gomi showed considerable grit to come back from a combination of […]

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