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Honoring the Greatest: 5 Reasons Saenchai is a Living Legend

If I had to pick one name synonymous with Muay Thai, it would have to be Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym.  Over the past ten years, Saenchai has been a wrecking ball of speed, precision, intelligence, and charm. It’s impossible not to like a guy that’s two heads shorter than his opponent, smiles in his face, then toys […]

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Saenchai Set to Face MAX Champion Andrei Kulebin in China

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that Chinese promotion, Combat Renaissance, would be hosting a September 17th main event bout between MAX Muay Thai Champion, Andrei Kulebin, and the man who needs no introduction, Saenchai PKmuaythaigym. This is a pretty huge fight, both literally and figuratively. While Andrei Kulebin is certainly one of the […]

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Saenchai vs. Yodwicha II Scheduled for June 7

According to renowned Muay Thai reporter Rob Cox, it was just announced that the rematch between Saenchai and Yodwicha has been set for June 7 in Bangkok. In their last fight, Yodwicha narrowly defeated Saenchai after a tactically brilliant fourth and fifth round, pulling away after continually stalking forward, landing sharp elbows, and pressuring the […]

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Saenchai vs. Sagetdao tonight!! FSA There Live.

It is not every day you get to see the p4p fighter of a generation compete live in the mecca of Muay Thai. Tonight, a major tick on my personal bucket list; I will have the honour of watching Saenchai go toe-to-toe once more with perhaps his biggest rival, the fearsome Sagetdao. With two wins […]

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Saenchai vs. Sagetdao V: The Saga Continues

Saenchai is the man who famously had to compete in higher weight divisions because it was unfair to let men his own size fight him. He’s a four-weight Lumpinee Stadium Champion, a WMC and WBC World champion, a man who toys with fighters many kilograms heavier than he like they were children. He’s the consensus […]

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