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OOOOOO-WEEEEEE! Old-School training at Sing Patong

There was once an era of traditional gyms, where, as opposed to the hundred and fifty baht double scoop protein shakes; the adopted impoverished child fighters drank from the same cup, and ate from the same bowl every night, after hard running and training. Thai parents still send their children to Muay Thai camps all over Thailand, […]

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omnoi orono fonlung

Orono (not Por.Muang or Petchpun) vs. Fonlung Suvitgym

From Omnoi Stadium on Saturday. We’ve already had a Muay Thai Clip of the Week (Unbreakable) which is extremely hard to top, given the prime Bovy/Eubank/Vitali-level chin that Phetchartchay displayed in it. So I didn’t try to! Here is a fight from Saturday’s Omnoi Stadium card, featuring Orono (Sor.Suriya, an upcoming Omnoi prospect not Por.Muang […]

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Lumpinee Stadium 2/3/12: Sam-A vs. Petchpanomrung

One week before the fifth (at least) Saenchai/Sagetdao scrap, Bangkok fight fans are treated to another great Saturday card at the Lumpinee headlined by the super-bantamweight champion Sam-A (formerly Sam-A Thor.Ratonakiat), who takes on Petchpanomrung (also called Phetpanomrong), the #1 ranked 122lbs fighter at the weight. Sam-A is the 2011 Lumpinee Stadium Fighter of the Year. A […]

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Saenchai vs. Sagetdao V: The Saga Continues

Saenchai is the man who famously had to compete in higher weight divisions because it was unfair to let men his own size fight him. He’s a four-weight Lumpinee Stadium Champion, a WMC and WBC World champion, a man who toys with fighters many kilograms heavier than he like they were children. He’s the consensus […]

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Muay Thai Clip of the Week

This one is an old one as opposed to current affairs… but nonetheless it’s mandatory viewing, a physical work of art, a beautiful martial technique applied in a high profile Muay Thai fight and hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it is! Japan’s greatest Thai-boxer, TADASHI SAWAMURA: Tiger Knee. What an incredible finish.

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feb 12 patong show

Thai-Boxing at Bangla Stadium tonight (Patong, Phuket Thailand)

Tonight, FightSportAsia will be at Bangla Boxing Stadium, to see the February 12th show. The card will feature Phuket Top Team’s Malik Smith (billed as a Frenchman, in actuality an citizen of the United States) and the fights start at 8:30pm. Tickets will be available on the door, and ringside seats should be in the […]

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